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EOU Related Information

How to Apply for EOU setup

Check List

Basic Requirements for setting up an EOU (Check-list)

Planing your venture:
  • Is it on your own
  • With foreign participation and nature of participation (foreign investment allowed 100%)

What product do you intend to manufacture
  • Product/By-product
  • Does it requires clearance from Central/State Government authorities
  • Is it an SSI Unit. If so, registration is required as an SSI

Technology to be used
  • Indigenous/foreign
  • Related costs and conditions

Feasibility report
  • On your own or with help of consultant

The finances involved
  • Land, structure, buildings etc (Please note, building construction material is not exempted from duty)
  • Capital goods, machinery etc
  • Payment for royalties etc.
  • Administration and establishment
  • Others : like interest on loans, related taxes and levies etc.

The current competition overseas
  • Main competitors
  • Demand and price-levels.

The import laws and other requirements in target markets
  • Any fiscal/non-fiscal barriers, like anti-dumping laws
  • Quota restrictions
  • Preferential treatment to competitor countries

Location of the unit
  • Whether it is located close to a port or railroad
  • Availability of raw materials
  • Manpower availability
  • Environment clearance needed if unit is located 25 kms from an urban town

Capital goods, machinery and equipment to be used
  • indigenous or foreign
  • Related costs

The raw materials and other inputs, like consumables etc that would be required:
  • Source
  • Cost
  • Monthly, quarterly and annual requirements

Effluents or waste-material
  • How do you propose to treat these or discharge them.

The production process and the related inputs
  • Whether production process requires air-conditioning plants, special furnaces or kilns etc.
  • Details and costs (Please note, air-conditioning equipment permitted duty free only if it is essential for production process).

The production capacity and spare capacity:
  • Do you intend to utilise the same by doing sub-contracting work for other export units in DTA or Export Oriented Unit (EOU)/Export Processing Zone (SEZ ) units.
  • Details of sub-contractors
  • Related costs

Any by-products turned out in the production process
  • Details of by-products
  • Whether these would be exported or sold in Domestic Tariff Area (DTA)

  • Details of packaging
  • Source
  • Cost

  • Whether the normal grid could supply adequate power
  • Whether there would be need for a captive power plant
  • Cost of power plant
  • Fuel that would be required for captive power plant (e.g. furnace oil, LPG, coal etc).

Duties, taxes and fiscal levies both, Central and State-level
  • Customs and Excise levies
  • Sales tax, Octroi etc
  • Power tariffs and duties

Other information
  • The company should be registered
  • A current account with a bank authorised to deal in foreign exchange should be opened.
  • Registration-Cum-Membership Certificate (RCMC) should be obtained from the office of the concerned Development Commissioner.
  • Sales tax registration be obtained from the Sales Tax Department

Mandatory clearances from State Government's
  • Pollution clearance certificate
  • Approval of building plan in cases where building is proposed to be constructed.
  • Registration as a small scale industrial unit, if applicable
  • Registration under Factories Act

Study Material (Court Cases) Relating To EOU

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